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What is SEO

We are surrounded by one particular net, and we call it the Internet. And yes, as the name suggests it is spread all around the globe. And you are using it for the minutest thing you want to know about and what is the best out of what you want. Right?

Whenever you search something on the net, a list is visible on the 1st page, and out of that list, you most probably go for 1st one. Why So?

Because the thing which is sited on number one position out of rest of the listing below ought to be the best one and it is the best.

Have you ever questioned yourself, that how is it possible, that what you saw today at  
# 1 position, is at # 1 for a week but on the eight days, it was dropped down to the second position? What happen and what should be done?

Here we have an answer to your question.

There is a term called SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of getting your web page or website on the top list of the first page in the Search Engine unpaid results. Paying to be on the top is easy, but to make yourself visible without paying with the skills you are having is task and interesting as well.

So Yes, everyone wants to be on the top and the first page of Web Search Engine and this visibility may lead them to success.


Now the question arises, What can be done to promote your business through SEO? 

As you know, the internet is now an integral part of life and this is the easiest way to reach anything. So this is also the easiest way to approach our customers. And SEO is the source through which you can be on the top of the list in the first page of the search engine.

Here are the ways to make yourself always visible:

Content should be KeyWord rich: As the search engine works on keywords, that means, there is a group of words which helps you to raise your rank if used frequently.

Linking Good Pages: Whenever you write a content for your page are do try to add the links to the pages which are already having a good rank. Linking your site to that page will lead in improving your ranking each day.

Cross Linking: Cross-linking means creating links between the important pages of the same website which you want and this also improves the visibility and ranking of your website

Keeping the Content Fresh:  Each day you need to update the content for your page or site and this will help you to improve your ranking. Keep updating after an interval of time, so that the position you are holding is maintained and improved day by day.

So, this was an introduction to SEO which requires a bit of hard work and lots of knowledge to be gained. To rank yourself high you need to know the technicalities as well and that knowledge can be gained through SEO training. As SEO is not an easy task and we have the best institute of SEO training in Chandigarh to help you gain the knowledge and give your business the place you want to reach.


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